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Hardware Reference


The following reference provides a comprehensive list of device chipsets supported by various Server Elements Operating Systems. This reference attempts to list all supported network and storage interface devices by manufacturer and by driver.

How to Use This Reference

Server Elements Operating Systems support a wide array of PCI devices. Many computers utilize a Motherboard with a built-in or on-board PCI network and storage interface adapters while others can use separate add-on interface cards. Server Elements Operating Systems will work well with most PCI interfaces provided a supported Chipset is used.

Each included driver supports one or more associated device chipsets. There are many unique device makes and models that may use the same chipset. To verify that a particular device is supported by an OS, make sure to reference the associated chipset and not the unique device make or model.

Before using this reference, it is important to understand that the following indices list chipsets used in various devices and not necessarily specific device models. It is also important to note that this reference is compiled using information automatically derived from the associated Kernel driver sources as well as information contained in the PCI ID Repository maintained by Martin Mares at

CORE3 Hardware Reference

The following indices list chipsets supported by Server Elements Operating Systems based on CORE3 Technology. Supported network and storage devices are listed as follows:

The above information is also available in PDF as follows:

Hardware Detection Tool (HDT)

A Hardware detection tool is made available to help in the identification of supported hardware as well as provide the means for some basic system diagnostics. For details visit the Hardware Detection Tool page.


Network and storage devices supported by NASLite-2 versions prior to v2.6 and NASLite-M2 versions prior to v1.6, as well as NanoNAS are listed as follows:

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