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 Post subject: Another Newbie Question
PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 7:51 am 

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I too thought that NASLite was the answer to my dreams. Because I believe in the concept of open-source software, I paid to download the CD ISO, burned it to CD and created an SMB boot floppy and an FTP boot floppy, being unsure which way I wanted to go.

I've been involved in Windows since the days of PC-DOS 3.0, and am a beta tester ("insider") for Linspire, being reasonably GUI competant with SuSE as well.

I booted and configured the SMB version of NASLite, and had to change the IP to suit my LAN setup (which is mentioned in the pdf documentation).

I had the server format an additional HDD (hdc) in this particular machine in Secondary Master IDE (Disk-3) but have been unable to write to the drive using the server the way it is designed, although reading presents no problems.

I used a Linux Live CD (forget which distribution and version) to copy some 8 gigabytes of data across the network on to this HDD that NASLite had formatted, to test the system under typical working conditions. It read okay on the Live CD on completion.

I then rebooted without the Live CD, putting the NASLite server on the LAN in its own right.

I wanted to use this way of serving files instead of using an apache on each LAN machine which is my current MO - also obviously read-only remotely. The ordinary SMB way of sharing files functions perfectly well between machines on the LAN. Yes, the workgroup name is set correctly.

Looks like I shall have to keep going with the regular shares, and apaches, unless I can get an answer to why other LAN machines running Windows return...

"Unable to create the file [name].
Access is denied"

I find my two Linux OSs (SuSE and Linspire) have similar problems to that experienced by Microsoft Windows, in writing to disk.

Here is the smb.comf file contents...

Network Settings

* IP:
* Workgroup: home
* Name: NASLite

Filesystem exported at

Most Recent Users

* wedgetail (

Server Configuration (smb.conf)

netbios name = NASLite
workgroup = home
server string = NASLite (IP:
security = share
client codepage = 850
interfaces = eth0
name resolve order = bcast host
max open files = 1014
socket options = TCP_NODELAY
map archive = yes
map system = yes
map hidden = yes
nt acl support = yes

path = /export/Disk-3
comment = NAS Disk-3 ( Read / Write )
invalid users = root admin
guest account = NAS-User
read only = no
writeable = yes
public = yes

path = /export
comment = NAS Disks ( Read Only )
guest account = NAS-User
read only = yes
writeable = no
public = yes

comment = NAS Information ( Read Only )
path = /export/Info
guest account = NAS-User
read only = yes
writeable = no
public = yes

If someone suggests I modify this, perhaps they would like to advise how I access it?

By the way, I advised this in the "what do you use the distro for" thread on Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 1:34 am according to the forum. Sadly I haven't seen any reply.

Thankyou in advance in case anyone posts some suggestions as to how to fix the remote read only situation.

I'm not a very happy chappie.

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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 9:00 pm 

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I am currently running 2 disks and my configuration is @ the same (aside of IP, Workgroup) and having no issues as yet. If I may, whats the size of and manufacturer of the disk your using? (grasping at straws here) also when or what version of SMB are you using and is a a Gb adapter or a stock (I found that when using a stock adapter the Gb disk wont work DUH).

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2005 10:34 am 
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Hello eagles,

What share are you mapping?

You need to map Disk-3 and not Disks.

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