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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 1:59 pm 

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Hello all...

This is my first post here and I would like to ask your advice...
The company I work for ( production company ) needs 8 TB of storage space in RAID 5 configuration for back-up of video footage.
Commercial solutions are either too expensive or with limited scalability.
So I offered to build 2 NAS storage systems for them using NAS-LITE.
I know of course that NAS-LITE system requirements are not high but since Im not paying and the systems will be used for professional work I decided to build them from scratch using brand new components.

So the system requirements for each NAS machine are the following:
1) 4TB volume
2) RAID 5
3) Instant recovery from HDD failure
4) Gbit LAN
5) The ability to connect and share external USB or Firewire HDD's in the future

After thinking and searching a lot I concluded in the following parts:

Chieftec Aegis CH-05 Black
It features 7 internal 3.5" HDD slots and 3 5.25" device lots (more than enough)

GIGABYTE S775 GA-945GCM-S2L (945GC) Vga/GLan
It offers on board VGA and Gbit LAN support plus 4 SATA and one IDE chanel for future upgrades. The manual claims also that the board can boot for usb sticks (so I can use it with NAS-LITE USB version)

Dual Core 2220 (S775/2.4Ghz)
I think this CPU can provide all the necessary computing power for now and for future upgrades

2x Trancent 1GB DDR2 DIMM PC2 6400-800
Nothing special but plenty of RAM to cover the need of the machine (just in case it get hungry ;-))

RAID Controller
Intel RAID 6 port SATA SRCS16
That was the hardest part, to find a controller in Greece that is supported by NAS-LITE.
In the NAS-LITE hardware reference manual the controller is not mentioned as Intel manufactured but under the family of "LSI Logic MegaRAID Controller Driver"/ "MegaRAID RAID Controller SRCS16".
This is the same controller? It will work or not with NAS-LITE?
This controller is IDEAL for me because it has 6 SATA ports and offers the option for a "HOT SPARE" ( a drive that is waiting to be commissioned automatically when another RAID drive fails).
Also supports sound alarm on hardware failures and is fully hardware dependable.
So I plan to use 5x 1TB SATA HDD's for the RAID and 1x 1TB HDD as a ''HOT SPARE''

6x 1TB HDD at 7200 rpm, nothing to comment other than at spin-up requires 2.4A current (so at 6 HDD's require 14.4A)

Power Supply
Chieftec GPS-550AB-A
A 550Watt power supply. You think that it has enough power to give to the HDD's spin-up or it will be wise to upgrade to the next model of 650Watt?

Those are the components of the machine i intend to build... The total cost is around 1100 Euro ( 1750 USD).
Not expencive for a machine with that many HDD's, reliability and great scalability.
But my main concerns right now is if the RAID controller is compatible with NAS-LITE and if my power supply is enough to drive the whole system.
Also a MAJOR question I have is the following... The computer that is going to use those two NAS systems is operating under Windows XP ( because of hardware and software compatibilities issues of the AVID editing software). Windows XP are able to ''see" and use a partition of 4TB without problem or there is a limit to that?

Waiting to hear any comments from you guys.

Thanks in advance

PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 3:05 pm 

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My only comment would be in reference to the RAID card - many around these parts (myself included) seem to have better luck with teh 3ware cards over the LSI-based cards.

I run 2 3ware 7506-8's in my NASLite system - 5 drives on each card (one hot spare). The 75xx series is all PATA i believe, but the 85xx series is supported in the NASLite kernel and is SATA.

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