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PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:42 pm 

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Relatively new to NASLite. I used an old desktop to create a NAS box, booting off an internal CF-IDE adaptor and running headless with two HDDs (160Gb and 320Gb). NASLite is great - to quote a British advertising slogan "It does exactly what it says on the tin." The software worked instantly with no fiddling about, and has worked flawlessly ever since.

I have a couple of suggestions, though, and a question.

Please forgive me if this topic has been covered elsewhere in the forums, I've trawled through lots of posts over the last couple of weeks but haven't come across it yet. NASLite is described as an embedded system, and a common feature of embedded systems is the ability to auto-update the software. My NASLite box doesn't have a working CD-ROM drive, and when I built it I intended that I would bolt everything together, stick it in the loft and forget about it. No sooner had I done that than I got an email announcing that a new version of NASLite was available for download. To install this and every future update I will need to take the box offline, take it to bits, remove the CF card....

With hindsight maybe I should have installed an external CF-IDE adaptor (ie. one which provides an external CF slot so I can remove the card without taking the cover off the box), but by having a purely internal CF-IDE adaptor I wanted to keep the box as simple and self-contained as possible - which is one of the design principles of NASLite, surely. I could also buy a new CD-ROM drive for the box, but it's been built on a tight budget (approx £100, which includes the 320Gb HDD), and I don't want to spend more money on a CD drive which will only be used once every couple of months.

So how about an option in the TELNET menu which allows the user to check for, and if the correct licence is held, download and install, NASLite updates?

Secondly, I know this is covered in another post, but I strongly support the idea of including a media server in NASLite. My box has all my music on it, which is streamed to a Roku Soundbridge and an MP101, and I may decide to go down the video streaming route in the future. ATM I have to have my desktop on, running a media server, but I would prefer to have everything on the NASLite box. I did try FreeNAS [ducks to avoid flames], which would have allowed me to install TwonkyVision on the box (I use Twonky now on the desktop) but it didn't get on with one of the HDDs. NASLite with a built-in music server would be one the solution, but have you guys given any thought to integrating Twonky (or a similar product) as an optional module? Also (forgive my ignorance), is DAAP/MDNS the same as UPnP, and would my Netgear MP101 be able to see such a server?

Finally, my box won't do a full shutdown running NASLite. It did with FreeNAS, but with NASLite the OS shuts down, leaving me to go and manually press the power button to power down. I guess this is something to do with ACPI, and in the server log I see these entries:
# Jun 10 11:32:26 user.notice kernel: ACPI disabled because your bios is from 95 and too old
# Jun 10 11:32:26 user.notice kernel: You can enable it with acpi=force
# Jun 10 11:32:26 user.warn kernel: Kernel command line: rw root=/dev/ram0 initrd=NASLite.02 quiet BOOT_IMAGE=naslite.01

Now presumably the "acpi=force" would go in the kernel command line, but obviously I can't do that. Is there another way around this?


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